Hello to my friends, fans, and readers! This post is to give everyone an update on where I stand as I continue to write the sequel for The Silver Talon. The layout of the second book will be slightly different than the first. Rather than focus solely on a single character/group of characters and have his/their story move the plot forward, there will be several different characters who each have their own story line. Whereas in the first book, the story was primarily centered around Arius and Guardus. In the sequel, Arius and Guardus will have their own story line, separate from Orthel's, Savatay's, Tialdo's, and several other characters. They will each have their own mission--and those missions will certainly be interconnected as they fight the evil that has arisen in Farahdin since the close of the first book, yet the characters' journeys will seldom overlap. 

This, of course, adds much more to the plot than if it were only one or two main characters. Thus, it will take me longer to write. Though rest assured that I have outlined the book from start to finish, and am hard at work typing and fleshing out the details. I currently have over two hundred pages written (yet, that is about one-fifth of what I plan to write). At this moment, Orthel is approximately halfway through his journey, Arius and Guardus have left for theirs, Savatay and Lord Tahylor prepare to embark on a rescue mission, and Tialdo has discovered a disconcerting fact about the Scepter and its Keeper. 

As the stories continue to unfold and coalesce, I will post ongoing updates both here and on Facebook. In the meantime, I will also post a summary of what can be expected from Book II (look for it on the main page of the website or on The Silver Talon Facebook page [www.Facebook.com/TheSilverTalon]). 

I look forward to the post when I announce the second book's completion, but in the meantime, please be patient and I promise to work hard and write a book that you will all enjoy! Arius, Guardus, and the rest of the characters are pushing themselves to their limits, throwing themselves into danger, not only for Farahdin and their countrymen, but also to give me an exciting, intriguing, and engaging book for you all to read!

Now, to get back to Microsoft Word and type out a few more pages!

Happy reading!

A.J. Cunder