As I continue writing the second book for the Chronicles of the Renasu Guild series, I came across something interesting: as I create random names for new characters in the story, I decided to Google the names to see if they showed up anywhere else on the web. Sure enough, almost every name I created for the characters in my story already exists somewhere in the world! These names, keep in mind, were often the creations of random letter groupings that were spawned from my pressing the keyboard with my eyes closed. Savatay is one example: I thought of the name as I was staring out my window, wondering what might sound appropriate for the name of an elf. Sure enough, when I searched "Savatay" on Google, it is not only a name that already exists, but it is also the name of a place in Afghanistan! This was just an interesting tidbit of information that I thought might intrigue one who has read "The Silver Talon," or perhaps a fellow author who understands the difficulty that sometimes arises when we must conjure names for characters out of thin air.