The other day, I was looking around the internet about different ways to advertise a novel. I came across a forum that suggested different avenues an author might take to be proactive in marketing a book, and found an interesting suggestion: making biographies for characters in a story. 

Thinking about this, I realized that as a reader myself, I would greatly enjoy being able to "research" a bio of some of my favorite characters. In my opinion, this gives a character a little more spice, either for fans who have already read a book and have a particular character as their favorite or for those who have yet to read the story and aren't sure what to expect from a character. 

As such, I have undertaken the task of composing short biographies for some of the main characters of "The Silver Talon". They can be found on the "Character Biographies" page of the website. I hope you'll stop by and read up on some of the personages that make "The Silver Talon" the story that it is!